The Christmas/New Year period is always a busy period for Real Estate Agents.

Many people make the decision over their holidays to begin the process of looking for a new house. There are many reasons at this time to begin a search. It could be that the kids are moving up a grade in school and will require more room. Or the sudden onslaught of relatives over the festive break is putting severe pressure on the facilities of the existing family home until it is ready to burst at the seams! Maybe you want to downsize from your current property and spend more time travelling in 2018?

There are so many reasons to get Andrew to pop over and share some information on how much your property may be worth in this current market. Then you are in the best possible position to understand the options you have available to you.

The same goes for finance. 2018 will mark our 19th year as having a Mortgage Choice franchise in Noosaville. Over nearly 20 years we have been helping Andrew’s clients to secure the loan of their dreams so it matches the house of their dreams.

This time of year is busy for mortgages for the same reasons as a busy property market. However, in addition to that is the fact that RATES ARE SO LOW AT THE MOMENT (currently from as low as 3.64%).

Getting into the correct mortgage at the START is the best way to produce results in the future. Pretty soon – towards the end of 2018 – interest rates will again begin to rise. Some people on a higher base rate may be caught off guard, and any increase will put them further behind because they will be experiencing mortgage stress a lot earlier than others may be!

On a rate of say, 4%, an increase of just 0.25% on a $300,000 mortgage is only a difference of $34 a month. BUT, if that same person started from 5% interest rate and had the same quarter of a percent rise – then the difference is 38% more.

Plus they would have been paying almost $200 a month MORE already!

So that’s the same loan amount, same interest rate rise, yet a very different financial result!

Why not make 2018 a year of starting correctly, or at least making sure that you are on the best loan that you can be on. It costs nothing to find out and it can save you serious dollars over the term of the loan.

Just like buying property, seeking finance is a strategy best discussed with professionals. Here at Mortgage Choice in Noosaville we are happy to assist Andrew’s clients with a free service (so, it costs you nothing… but adds significantly to your property experience and could save you a small fortune).


Merry Christmas and Happy New 2018 from Ian Robinson and the team at Mortgage Choice Noosaville (opposite Maccas in Thomas Street)- 07 5474 4100